Varsity Tennis Progresses to Regionals


On May 2, the BVN varsity tennis team came in second place in the Eastern Kansas League (EKL) tournament, securing the team’s place in regionals on May 9.
“It’s really exciting,” senior Jackson Hubble said. “BVN is known for our excellent tennis program, so it felt good to be going to regionals again.”

BVN had a strong start in doubles with every team winning their first match.
Senior Carson Fournier and junior Brady Flanagan were the number two seed, and got a first round bye. In the second round, they beat Hansen and Manning from BVH 8-1.
Seniors Jackson Hubble and Michael Rohleder had a first round bye as well, and won their second round match against BVSW players Warner and Stevens 8-3.
Juniors Michael Paul and Jackson Bueno had an easy win in the second round after a first round bye when they beat Meyers and Ryan 8-1 from St. Thomas Aquinas (STA).
“It was a good start, but the first matches are always the easiest. The next matches got progressively tougher,” Flanagan said.

BVN singles players had similar success.
Junior Ben Rohleder beat Smith from BVW 8-1.
Senior Rohit Bhagat beat Wagner 8-0 from STA after a first round bye.
Junior Connor Garrett beat Schultz from Bishop Miege (BM) 8-1 after a first round bye.


True to Flanagan’s prediction, the next round was difficult for both singles and doubles.
Ben Rohleder lost to Downing from BVNW 2-8
Bhagat beat Myalavarapu from BVNW 8-3
Connor Garrett lost to Jonathan Lowe 4-8

Hubble and Michael Rohleder lost to Sanders and Moody 6-8 from BVW
Paul and Bueno lost to number one seed White and Lowe 0-8 from BVNW
Fournier and Flanagan beat Pearson and Raghuraman 8-1 from BVNW

BVN did not give up there, though. In the third round, BVN did much better.

Garrett beat Grier 8-3 from BM
Ben Rohleder beat Oliver 8-0 from BVSW
Bhagat lost to number one seed Kurzban from BVW 1-6, 3-6

Hubble and Michael Rohleder lost to Pearson and Raghuraman 5-8
Paul and Bueno lost to Moon and Elmendorf 2-8 from BVH
Fournier and Flanagan beat Sanders and Moody 6-4, 6-3

“We started playing a lot better after a tough second round. I think we really started to focus and we realized how important each game really was,” BVN coach Tracy Johnson said.

In the final pivotal rounds, BVN proved their worthiness and had many high placers.

Bhagat lost to Jonathan Lowe 2-6, 3-6, and came in fourth place
Garrett lost to Mylavarapu 6-8 cand came in sixth place
Ben Rohleder beat Maygar 8-0 from BVSW, Stukel 8-1 from STA and Smith 8-0 from BVW to win the backdraw and come in 9th place.

Paul and Bueno faced their own team when they played Michael Rohleder and Hubble, and came in seventh after winning 8-3. Rohleder and Hubble came in eighth.
Flanagan and Fournier finished strong with a 6-7 (3-7), 6-4, (10-8) win over White and James Lowe to win the gold in the doubles bracket.

“It was overall a really good match… It could have gone anybody’s way but we found a way to pull through,” Flanagan said. “It got really intense at some points, but it definitely paid off.”

In the end, BVN came in second by only two points to BVNW who won last the last year by five points to BVN.

“I see a rivalry forming,” Johnson said. “Next year we will get them.
In the meantime, BVN boys varsity tennis prepares for regionals on May 9.
“I am still deciding who is going to play and how the lineup is going to work,” Johnson said. “We have to get some good practice in before we play some of the best team in the region.”