Which News Staff member are you most similar to?

What is your go to social media platform?

What's your go to drink?

What is your go to accessory/clothing item?

Where would you most like to live?

If you were to write a book about your life, what genre would it be?

What is your favorite TV show?

What word best describes your aesthetic?

If you were an animal what would it be?

Which is most like your evening? How do you handle your time?

What odd profession would you enjoy?

How do you spend a rainy day?

What's your favorite day of the week?

Does Pineapple belong on pizza?

What would be your ideal first date?

Which News Staff member are you most similar to?

Elli is one of our print editors! If you received Elli it is possible that you also enjoy vintage things, funky shoes, and alternative style. You most likely run off of caffeine and share your opinion often.

Adelaide is very proud of her Swiftie status since age 7 and her love for cats. Since you got Adelaide you are most likely also a huge cat gal, chill and productive. It’s possible that like Adelaide, hair claws and sweatpants are your go-to fashion choice.

Alex is one of the go to sports writers on our crew and also runs the social media! Her and Reece can usually be spotted together most likely frantically running around sporting events covering Twitter and trying not to be run over by the athletes. She definitely has her dorky moments but still can rock some looks. You, like Alex, are most likely hard working, expressive about your opinions, and always ready for an adventure.

Angelica is our resident cartoonist. It’s possible that you, like Angelica, have a niche for dark cinema and Marvel. Family traditions are important to both you and Angelica and you both have a big personality.

Congrats you are most similar to Arshiya! She is thrifty, bold and put together. Like her, it is likely that you find importance in organization and productivity. It is likely that you also enjoy old movies and exploring Kansas City.
Caroline H

Caroline is super friendly and involved in the school. If you got Caroline it’s possible that you enjoy thrifting, making a cheese board, and running. She procrastinates her work and enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Hey Queen or King!!! If you got Charitha it’s possible that you also speak in your own language of slang, spend hours scrolling on Twitter and at this point are basically a night owl. Charitha is one of our online editors and is known for grinding out some intriguing stories!
Ella S

Ella Shafer was new to our staff this fall. She is extremely dedicated and very athletic. Spending hours working out every day she finds herself quite busy but is also funny, loyal and independent.

Kara is caring and has great shoe game. Coffee is a staple in her everyday style and she can be seen working out, but just sometimes. Since you got Kara you are most likely sarcastic, friendly, and social.

Maddie is very productive, musical, and enjoys nature. She enjoys exploring new places and running. You, like Maddie, are most likely easy going, goofy, and kind hearted.

Congrats you are most like our resident artistic queen on staff! Gaby is creative, funny, and sarcastic. She enjoys a good historical costuming YouTube video and alternative style. Frogs are her passion but dislikes Jaskson Mahomes. Just don’t ask her about it.

Reece runs our social media and is another one of our sports writers so naturally her and Alex can usually be spotted together most likely frantically running around sporting events. Reece is obsessed with all things yellow and is an extremely hard worker. She spends her time either working on her many extracurriculars or at work. If you got Reece you are probably a hard worker, believe in your zodiac sign and love a good nap.

Yasmeen is one of our print editors and is known around room 411 for her graphics, especially on early election coverage. Since you are most like Yasmeen it is possible that you enjoy sleeping in, reading and carry the “cool auntie” energy.

Congrats! You are most like our staff member Jack! You, like Jack, are sarcastic, witty and have a good sense of humor. You are easygoing, semi-athletic, routine based and often spend time with friends.
Mrs. Manglos

You are most like our favorite teacher and the mentor of both the yearbook and newspaper, Mrs. Manglos. She is analytical, kind hearted, and thinks outside the box. She is loved by all and the most understanding. You should be happy that you are most similar to her!!
Caroline C

Congrats! You are most like Caroline C! She is our resident cottagecore lover and is kind towards all. She always kills the game in her fits of the day and can usually be seen carrying around a tote bag. Like her, you are most likely caring, empathetic, and ready to make a change. Caroline is a fashion icon and a quiet leader. She has a passion for bettering the community and has her life put together.
Ella T

Congrats! You are most similar to Ella Thomas! She is poised, put together and compassionate. Ella is always ready to rise to a challenge and so are you!