10 Inexpensive Last Minute Gifts


As the Holidays roll around, some people have a hard time deciding on the best gift for their friends and family. There can sometimes be pressure to spend large amounts of money on a gift but by looking for the best prices and sales, anyone can find the perfect gift.

Candles- For someone who likes smells and a calming light.  Candles are risky to buy online. It is recommended to purchase in person so the buyer can select the one the smells the best. Popular places to buy would be Yankee Candle, Target or Bath and Body Works.

Lotions- Another gift for someone who likes good smells or self care. Lotions are also recommended to be purchased in person to get the best smelling one. Popular places to buy Lotions would be Bath and Body Works, Ulta Beauty or Victoria’s Secret.

Candy- A good choice for any one who has a sweet tooth. They can purchase candy at most grocery stores. Another fun idea for candy is to custom make it.  You can personalize M&M’s on their website.

Blankets- Blankets are for any one who gets cold or likes to relax. There are many type of blankets such as knit or soft and fluffy.  This season, blankets with sports teams on them are popular various websites can custom design them specifically to accommodate the consumer.  Places to get blankets would be Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond or Nordstrum.

Jewelry- Jewelry can often be an expensive gift that can have meaning or show feelings towards someone but, it’s not difficult to find inexpensive jewelry.  Target or amazon has simple jewelry while Macy’s or JCPenney have fine jewelry that you can often get with discounts or on sale.

Scrunchies-  A popular trend for girls has been to wear scrunchies. There are many places to buy scrunchies, for example, Target, Lululemon Athletica, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 or you can buy online on Amazon.

Pens/Markers– Pens or Markers can be a good Idea for anyone who enjoys note taking or coloring. Popular places to buy these would be Barnes and Noble, Michaels, Target, Staples, Office Max and Amazon.

Water Bottles– Water Bottles are also a good idea for a person on the go or a student to bring with them to class. There are many popular type of water bottles such as S’well, Hydroflask, Soma, Camelback, and L.L. Bean.  Also, some people enjoy decorating their water bottles with stickers to make it more personalized

Socks- Socks are a good gift for almost anyone. There are many different types of socks such as fluffy socks, Cabin Socks and socks with cartoons or other images. Places to buy socks would be Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target or Forever 21.

Portable Chargers– These are a good gift to get people who use their phones constantly.  There are a lot of places to buy good portable phone chargers such as Best Buy, Amazon or Target.