2018 Halloween Candy Review

Halloween season has come and gone, and we get to devour more of our favorite types of candy once again. Every year on Oct. 31, children trick-or-treat for hours in hopes of receiving mounds of candy. From chocolate to candy corn, everybody’s sweet and sour favorites are a variety. But how healthy are they?   

Halloween’s most iconic sweet, candy corn, is a soft, fondant candy popular among children and adults alike. According to livescience.com, it’s one of the healthiest candies. Candy corn only has 140 calories, 32 grams of sugar and no fat.
There are countless types of sour candies, all could be damaging to your teeth. Futureofpersonalhealth.com says that the acid from sour candies weakens and wears away tooth enamel, can burn away gums and inside of cheeks (if you eat enough!) So be careful sucking on those warheads this Halloween.

Chocolate, people either love it or hate it. I’m sure everyone has heard that dark chocolate is good for the heart, but it’s also great for the brain and your mood, according to livescience.com. Pure chocolate is by far one of the healthiest types of candies a child could eat this year.

Jolly Ranchers, one of the most popular hard candies, are another healthy candy to add to the list. Livescience.com says that Jolly Ranchers have 70 calories and no fat. Like another hard candy (but with a chewy middle), Blow Pops, also have no fat, a low amount of sugar and only 60 calories.

So many types of candy are packed with sugar, fats and calories. It makes it difficult to think about handing out so many to young kids this year. Though that Snickers bar sounds delicious, we must think about how healthy it really is. Instead of sour patch kids maybe hand out some Hershey kisses or candy corn instead this Halloween.