BVN School Store Welcomes Oncoming School Year


As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close, new members of clubs, activities and staffs are being announced. One such staff is BVN’s school store.The 2019 seniors are preparing to leave their positions behind, as others prepare to take them over. Amidst these changes, Joseph Campagnuolo reflects on his start on the staff.

“I applied for the staff last year because I really wanted to become more involved in the school and get experience in an active business environment,” Campagnuolo said.

Interested by the prospects the school store offers its staff, Campagnuolo was drawn to joining. He hoped to obtain a position on staff in order to put some of his ideas to use.

“Business is always something that interested me and I felt as if I could implement tactics and my ideas if I got myself into the store,” Campagnuolo said.

This year, Campagnuolo was on the foods team. Next year, he will take over the position of Vice President of marketing. Campagnuolo is looking toward this change in position as well as the new connections he will make on staff.

“I’m really excited to work with new staffers next year and take on more of a leadership role as a second year employee,” Campagnuolo said. “I’m looking forward to make our mark on the store.”
Campagnuolo is ready to take on this challenge as his passion for the experience being on the school store staff has to offer. This happens to be his favorite part of being on staff, and he hopes to continue these experiences into next year.
“Being in the store this year was such an awesome experience,” Campagnuolo said. “I met so many new people and made a lot of long lasting friendships, and I feel like this is the best part of being in the store, the friendships you can create, and the people you meet.”

One of the people Campagnuolo met this past year was Logan McMonigle, the 2018-2019 CEO of the school store. McMonigle looks back on his beginning on the staff and how he obtained the position he is in today.

“I was pretty excited when I got accepted into the store,” McMonigle said. “My position on the staff, starting junior year, was a member of the store’s finance team where I shared the responsibilities of managing the finance team with Sierra Adams. I was selected to be the CEO of the school store for the 2018-2019 year going into the second semester of my junior year, and spent the following semester transitioning into this role, which I am currently in.”

While reflecting upon his time on the staff, McMonigle appreciates the experiences he had. He appreciated the educational and social aspects the staff had to offer.

“Some of my favorite things about being on the staff [are] the business experience and skills that are learned and the relationship everyone in the store has,” McMonigle said.

As influenced by his time on the staff as he is, McMonigle is getting prepared to leave his position as CEO behind. He will also miss Mark Turrentine, the school store advisor.

“I’ve enjoyed my time in the store, but it’s time to move on to college,” McMonigle said. “I know I will really miss Mr. Turrentine and I think so will all of our other staffers.”

McMonigle looks toward college, but is also excited for what the new staff will have to offer. He thinks both the returning and new staffers will be able to continue the staff’s work and improve the store.

“I think we have solid staff for the 2019-2020 year,” McMonigle said. “I think our returning staffers will be able to continue everything we’ve been working towards and have a fantastic year.”

A new staffer hoping to help work towards a successful year is junior Grace Reininga. She applied to be on staff at the end of her sophomore year, but didn’t make it. Reininga applied this year and made the cut.

“ I actually applied last year and didn’t get in, so I was slightly hesitant to apply this year, but I still really wanted to be in the school store, so I went ahead and applied again and got the answer I wanted,” Reininga said.

Her want to be on staff stems from the idea of getting business experience. Reininga is also intrigued by the nature of the staff and store itself.

“I applied for the school store because it’s a great way to get experience with different parts of business all in a really fun environment,” Reininga said.

As for next year, Reininga is excited to push for school spirit through her spot on the store’s team. She is looking to hone spirit events around school.

“I’m looking forward to getting to work on specific projects for game days and spirit weeks,” Reininga said.

Along with working with the actual products sold by the store, Reininga is looking forward to participating with other aspects of the school store. She is ready to have fun and get more involved in the business experience the school store offers.

“I’m excited for next year because of the fun atmosphere with the students and Mr. [Turrentine,] and the chance to help market the school store,” Reininga said.