BVN Tennis Takes on State Championship

The tennis team’s successful time at the Tennis State Championship brings the perfect close to the fall sports seasons.


Joy Yan follows through her serve.

The Blue Valley North girls Varsity tennis team qualified for the State Championship; six players were given the opportunity to attend last weekend. Not only did they compete, but they achieved second place overall. Two doubles teams, Trysla/Crossland, and Razi/Dipalo competed as well as two singles players, Joy Yan and Shelby Smith.


To go to state, a school team must place in the top six at the regional competition they attend. Each player on the BVN team had never qualified for regionals before, let alone state, but they put in the work and were able to defeat their competitors. Varsity tennis player, Emma Razi, shared what it was like competing at state and the anxiety she felt beforehand. 


“I was really nervous because there was a lot of pressure and people watching, but once you start playing the nerves start to go away. This experience has made me want to be a better team player,” Varsity tennis player Emma Razi said. 


All of the players that competed demonstrated talent and dedication. They each played about two or three matches every week during the tennis season in order to get seeding points.  They would also practice several days a week after school. Most of the girls on the team are also involved in other sports and school clubs. Joy Yan, a Varsity tennis player, has expressed the difficulties in balancing all other activities with the demands of tennis. 


“I haven’t been used to the workload and the rigor because my freshman and sophomore year I wasn’t in the top six to go to state,” Yan said, “I’ve missed so many days of school because of tennis, and I always have to catch up. But I am in the same boat as the rest of the team, and we work hard to support each other.” 


Razi emphasized the importance of teamwork and how In order to do well at a tennis tournament, all the players must work as a team. 


“The feeling that you’re helping your team is incredibly important and that makes everyone strive to work harder,” Razi sai

BVN Tennis team celebrates getting second at state. Photo provided by Mary Crossland.