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BVN’s Got Crabs


 A crab was found in the 500 hall men’s bathroom on Sept. 20. Many students questioned how a crab got into the school, and students were not alone in that confusion. BVN School Resource Officer Tina Morse heard over her walkie-talkie that there was a crab in the 500 hall bathroom. Officer Morse brushed it off saying, “I assumed somebody was joking around.” 

 This was not the first time an animal had been in the school this year. Earlier this year there were reports of a bat flying around the Performing Arts Center. The fourth-hour repertory theater class was in the PAC for class, and a student noted what they believed to be a bird, which instead, was revealed to be a bat flying around the PAC. 

“Yeah absolutely. [there was concern] with rabies and everything else the bat could carry,” Michael Moss, BVN assistant principal said. “It’s just embarrassing and disgusting.” 

The BVN administration team has had quite the year of animals, in addition to the bat, there also has been a multitude of mice all throughout the school.

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“Keeping food out of your office or at your desk,” Moss said as he talked about the main way to prevent the mice in the school is teachers keeping food or other treats in their classrooms and desks.

While animals will wander into the school if they have a food source, a crab did not wander into the school, it was put in the school. 

“We were thinking, where would one get a crab?” Morse said. The BVN administration and SROs felt that there needed to be punishment and repercussions for whoever brought the crab into the school. 

“It was a clear disruption to the school day, and really affected student learning,” Moss said. “We called some local Asian markets, and food stores to see if any of them had sold a crab to a group of teens,” Morse said. 

The BVN Administration ultimately came up empty in finding the school’s crabber, but they have some suspects. The mystery still is open as to who brought the crab into the school. 

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