Cheer Cars Vandalized in North Parking Lot


Photo by Luzia Thomas

Cars ‘cheesed’ and keyed in BVN lot.

On Saturday, Nov. 20 BVN Cheer went to state to compete, but instead of being welcomed back with excitement, they instead were welcomed back to keyed cars, and bologna and cheese stuck to their windows.


Senior spirit captain Anna Kaiser described the damages.


“It was around midnight… There were like 12 cars that got keyed and ‘cheesed and bologna’d,’’ Kaiser said. “There was like a whole block of cheese on my car, there were some other cars where the whole side of the car was keyed.”


Senior game day captain Luzia Thomas stated that the team’s reaction wasn’t quite expected based on the scenario.


“At first we were all laughing, we thought it was the same as the ‘pickle incident’ where pickles were thrown all over a cheerleader’s car, but as we saw there was actual property damage it started to get more serious,” Thomas said.


Authorities have become involved as the cheer team hope to find out what happened and why it did happen.


“An officer arrived and had to take photos of all the cheese on cars and the bologna on the floor as well as the scratches. There was a case filed and hopefully maybe the cameras caught something,” Thomas said.