Cold vs. Clothes

Cold vs. Clothes

Photo by Lauren Austin

The winter calls for cozy clothes, such as sweatpants, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Everybody tries to stay warm in the below-freezing temperatures of the next couple of months. That is the goal, right? Well here at BVN, students choose to disregard the weather and wear clothes that would be best fitting for summer. 

“I wear summer clothes when I don’t have any winter clothes, like sweatshirts, that are clean,” Junior Manoa Nicholson said.

However, there are effects of cold air and not enough protection. The cold weather months can greatly compromise skin health, triggering such conditions as xerosis (dry skin) or eczema (itchy, dry, reddish patches or lesions on the skin) which can vary in severity,” according to the NYP website. 

 “Some classes are cold, but some are hot, so it really depends on the class,” Nicholson said. “I usually bring a sweatshirt or a coat in order to stay warm when I leave school, but I get embarrassed if I’m carrying around a coat all day so I leave it in a classroom and get it after school.”

However, besides all of the pros of summer clothes, it is not beneficial to people’s health.

The National Library of Medicine held a research trial for what the effects of such clothing are on people’s emotions. The results were based on the effect of confidence from certain types of clothes, which vary from person to person. In all, depending on the person, summer clothes might be their favorite type of clothing, while comfy clothes might be another person’s.

“I like to wear summer clothes because some of the things I own are cute and I feel confident in them, but I don’t wear them just for confidence,”  Nicholson said. “Flowy shorts are also comfortable too and I wear them around my house.”

Personally, wearing summer clothes gives me confidence. I own lots of cute summer clothes, and I like how I look in them. However, I don’t onown that many cute winter clothes, so I’m normally stuck in sweatpants and sweatshirts in the winter. I don’t feel that confident when wearing this but if I want to feel comfortable I will throw that on. But most of the time I combine the two. Obviously, it’s too cold to wear shorts and short sleeves, so I either wear a tank top with a zip-up sweatshirt and sweatpants or shorts and a sweatshirt on the warmer days. Most of the time also the school is old, so I will most likely always have a sweatshirt with me when I dress in summer clothes. Overall, I think it is based on the person and how confident they feel wearing certain clothes.