Earth Day Essentials


As global warming and pollution become more prominent issues around the world, the efforts for making a clean and healthier earth are becoming more pressing, which also includes the annual holiday, Earth Day. According to the Environmental Protection Agency website, the first Earth Day was in April 1970, and since then it has grown in popularity.

According to the EPA, before 1970, a factory could spew black clouds of toxic smoke into the air or dump tons of toxic waste into a nearby stream, and that was perfectly legal. They could not be taken to court to stop it. EPA also stated that there were no clean water acts, clean air acts, or any protection against the environment in this pollution-filled time period. 

In the spring of 1970, the first Earth Day was publicized, and over 2 million people participated. The number of participants certified the importance of this day and set the yearly tradition.

Since then, there have been many more measures alongside Earth Day to help fight climate change. For example, the Earth Day social media presence. In dedication to Earth Day, there is an official website, an Instagram account, and more social media accounts to spread awareness of the cause. On the Earth Day website, there are ways to donate, and ongoing projects to help.

The Canopy Project works to plant trees around the world. According to the Earth Day website, Forests are collectively the second biggest storehouse of carbon after oceans, absorbing significant amounts of greenhouse gasses. They also help with biodiversity, waterways, soil nutrition, and safety from natural disasters. The Canopy Project is also working on preventing more natural disasters.  

BVN takes part in the annual celebration to do good for the Earth. More specifically, the environmental club is holding a week-long celebration full of activities to help our earth from April 17-21.

Monday: Campus Cleanup- Picking up trash around the school from 3:00-3:30

Tuesday: Sunny Session- outdoor study session during AST

Wednesday: Anything But a Car- Walk, ride a bike, carpool, or ride the bus to school

Thursday: Zero Waste Lunch- Pack lunch without anything disposable

Friday: Shoe Drive and Celebration Raffle

The shoe drive being held is for shoes that are worn out and would otherwise be thrown out. Instead, this drive will refurbish or recycle the shoes to make new ones instead. 

The coordinator of this spirit week for earth day, Caroline Matthews, spoke about what Earth Day means to her.

“My dad is very environmentally conscious and because of that we always go on bike rides and have good memories growing up,” Matthews said. 

She also shared that she will be going on bike rides with her dad, and also participating in the shoe drive at the school, in order to lessen her carbon footprint.

“My goals are to keep up with my traditions and do my part in Earth Day, because the more people do simple acts for the Earth the better and more meaningful Earth Day is,” Matthews said.

Other events are happening in the community to support the Earth as well. According to The City of Leawood website, the city is hosting a celebration on April 22nd from 10:00 am to 5:00 p.m. at the Prairie Oak Nature Center in Ironwoods Park. There will be activities available to help the earth that are family-friendly and will again have “starter” trees available beginning the 22nd, free to any family wishing to plant them at home.