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eras review (stella’s version)


“This better be worth it,” I thought to myself after confirming my $44 Apple Pay purchase. While in comparison to the thousands of dollars spent on the real concert, one still couldn’t help but wince at the price of the movie tickets. 

However, after becoming the owner of two prized Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie tickets, the $44 didn’t seem so bad anymore.

I had picked Sunday at 3:15 p.m. to go see the movie, which personally, was a perfect time. It was not too crowded, and plenty of time left in the day to analyze the movie post-watch. 

Walking into the AMC theater, my heart instantly warmed at seeing fellow “Swifites” dressed up in Taylor Swift merchandise or Eras Tour costumes. 

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After sitting in my recliner, I anxiously awaited the dimming of the theater lights. Once it went dark, I knew I was in for a great three hours.

Instantly, the famed Eras Tour introduction started and soon I was transported to SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.





When I first saw posts about Eras Tour back in March, I was surprised to see that Swift wasn’t planning on going through her “eras” chronologically. Starting with the “Lover era” was a bizarre choice, especially opening her tour with a less popular song, “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince.” However, after hearing the lines “It’s been a long time coming…”  echoing throughout Arrowhead stadium, I knew it was a genius move. (The moral of the story-always trust Swift.)

As I watched Swift absolutely crush the first few songs, I felt heartbroken to see that one of my favorites, “The Archer,” was left out of the film. 


With the twang of the guitar playing out the first few notes of “Fearless,” I felt immediately transported into the next era. Watching Swift do her little twirling move while playing a bedazzled guitar was amazing. “Fearless” is one of the most nostalgic albums. As Swift said “ready to go back to high school” or in my case, elementary school, I prepared to sing every word of “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story.” Overall, this era was so much fun and I had the most magical time singing these hit songs. Put your heart hands in the air for this era!


Out of all of the eras, evermore had the most unique intro. The era kicked off with “willow,” its lead single, sung in a witch-like culty chanting way. Other than the spooky intro, “Willow” (a song that sometimes can fall flat for me) sounded AMAZING live. The next song, “marjorie,” was immediately welcomed with tears. The beauty of the movie is that it’s able to show Swift and the whole crowd, which during “marjorie,” lights up with phone flashlights. The scene was breathtaking and super emotional. Shortly after, Swift headed to her ivy-covered piano (maybe a sly reference to another “evermore” song?). One thing I noted during her speech at her piano was the cuts to fans’ reactions. These moments were littered throughout the movie, and it was beautiful to see all of the different fans singing along or crying to Swift’s songs and speeches. Next up was “Champagne Problems,” a piece that Swift said would be “cathartic” to sing live with all of her fans joining in. Cathartic was right. While I’m not able to repeat said “cathartic” lyrics, I can say that I am sure glad none of the movie was censored! Before we move on to the next Era, a few notes. 1. “she is an ACTRESS during “tolerate it”.” 2. the “tolerate it” guy is TOO fine” 3. “no ‘no body no crime’ OR ‘tis the damn season’?.”


Although the intro for the concert as a whole takes the cake, the “Reputation” era intro is a CLOSE second. Images of snakes slithered on the movie screen while we listened to the click-clacking of heels walking. One of my favorite parts of watching the movie was being able to pay attention to the light design and the intricacies of the set/stage. For example, during “Delicate,” Swift “breaks” the stage that is now “made of glass” on the beat. Listening to “Don’t Blame Me” is an unreal experience that all must have, as you’re able to witness the sheer power of the song and Swift’s vocals through the screen. The set ends with “Look What You Made Me Do,” featuring Swift’s dancers dressed as her different “eras.” How meta!



Now, we move into “Speak Now.” I’m personally a little biased about “Speak Now” since we Kansas Citians had an “album release party” (Taylor’s words) during our Eras Tour Shows. “Enchanted” is incredible live and getting to hear the whole theater chant “Please don’t be in love with someone else” was surreal. This era was unfortunately cut short as “Enchanted” was shortened and “Long Live” was not shown (yet…).



Personally, “Red” is one of my most nostalgic albums. While Taylor Swift was already popular during this era, her fame skyrocketed. Everyone in the theater was singing along to hits such as “22” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” One of the sweetest moments of the movie was when Swift gave her famed “22 hat” to the late Kobe Bryant’s youngest daughter Bianka. Another amazing moment was getting to watch the backup dancers killing it during this set (especially the one in the red puffer vest!). Swift allotted the crowd ten minutes for her famed “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault).” Watching the “Red” era in October vs. in July allowed me to really admire the fall-ness of ATWTMVTVFTV!



And just like that, it was time for all of the love to be given to my favorite album, “Folklore”. This era was kicked off with Taylor performing “The 1” on top of the “Folklore cabin” which was amazing (especially that one note change). Not only was the setup peak perfection but so was her whole layout of this era. The whole album is based on storytelling, so it’s only fitting that she had her dancers tell the story that takes place in “the last great American dynasty” through moves and outfits. Also staying true to the story-teller roots, Swift performed two out of three of her so-called “love triangle” songs. While both “betty” and “august” sounded perfect, I was bummed to not hear “cardigan,” which was cut from the movie. Overall, this part of the concert was a nice slow section that elevated Swift’s vocal ability and the meaningfulness of the songs.


Next, we have what is arguably, the most fun era. With my immense anticipation for the upcoming “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” release, I paid extra close attention. The intro for “Style” set the tone of this set perfectly. As Swift transitioned into “Blank Space”, it was heart-warming to see all of the little girls in my theater stand up and move to the front. By the time “Shake It Off” came around, they were all dancing and singing along. Another perk of watching on a big screen was seeing the whole stadium light up for “Bad Blood.” Overall, this set made me even more excited for October 27th- the day “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” gets released- and getting to relieve the whole “1989” era all over again.



Time for the famous “surprise songs.” Although I went into the movie already knowing the surprise songs, I was ecstatic to hear one of Swift’s early singles, “Our Song.” Since I didn’t get to hear any songs from her debut album during her Kansas City concerts, it was so nostalgic and magical to hear a song from the start of her career being sung almost fifteen (Taylor Swift pun intended) years later. Next up was “You’re On Your Own Kid,” one of my favorite songs. This song was super heart-warming and went perfectly with the whole Eras Tour “vibe.” Hearing “make the friendship bracelets” while seeing everyone adorning their own handmade bracelets put an instant smile on my face.



This brings us up to speed with Taylor’s newest era. When “Lavender Haze”’s “meet at midnight” sounded out through the theater’s sound system, I knew we were in for an amazing end to an amazing movie. All of “Midnight”’s songs feel like they were made to be performed live. The songs sounded outstanding and the overall aesthetic of this era was clearly on display through the stage design and background dancers. “Bejeweled” was so fun to listen to and I loved being able to see all of the lights flashing in the crowd, representing green, pink, and other colored jewels. “Midnight Rain” featured moody lighting and umbrellas, “Vigilante S**t” had incredible choreography and highlighted the dancer’s abilities, and “Mastermind” featured a life-size chess game. Swift’s final era of the night closed the show with a performance of “Karma.” “Karma” couldn’t have been a better closer for the show. It had lights, confetti, sparkly jackets and overall, is a perfect representation of Swift. She is karma. As the confetti finally fell, I eagerly cheered from my seat.

Overall, I think everyone needs to see this movie. Whether you’re a certified Swiftie and have seen Swift live plenty of times or you’re not a fan and don’t get all of the hype, this movie will put things into perspective. Watching the movie takes you on a journey of Swift’s discography, but also through your life. Even if you don’t listen to her, it’s almost impossible not to know a Taylor song. Hearing tunes from all the different eras made me reminisce on the person I was during each “era” and all of the memories I’ve had set to the tune of Swift’s music. Getting to see all of the different fans flock to theaters, with generations of new and old fans singing along to Swift’s music was truly extraordinary. While I still won’t be getting over “The Archer,”Long Live” or “Wildest Dreams” getting cut from the movie, I still enjoyed reliving my favorite memories from the Eras Tour.

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Stella Ain, Copy Editor
Stella Ain is a senior and copy editor of “The North Star.” This is her second year on staff. She has covered social media, feature stories and arts topics and is interested in entertainment, culture and arts and leisure. Outside of the newsroom, she is a part of The Northern Light yearbook staff, StuCo and Gold Out KC. She enjoys reading, listening to Taylor Swift too much and watching rom-coms. She is super excited to be on staff and hopes to continue writing entertaining and thought-provoking stories.

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