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Field Bio 101


Field Bio is a class offered during the fall semester that lets students enjoy going on field trips and getting to use their hands in actual nature which is something no other classes at North can offer. Junior Sophia Beach and Charlotte Slutsky are students taking field bio and enjoy the different styles and paces the class offers to students at BVN. 

Throughout the course of the semester, “Students will study the ecology of grasslands, forests and aquatic environments of Kansas by observing, sampling and measuring organisms on a community, population and individual level,” according to the class directives provided by Mr. Ollig.

Students go on many field trips throughout the semester including, but not limited to, going snake hunting and going to a stream to find macroinvertebrates.

The freedom that comes with unique activities is Beach’s favorite part of the field trips as she enjoys the new activities and experiences revolving around biology that she wouldn’t otherwise do.

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“I think I have always been interested in that type of stuff and been a very natury person over more math stuff,” Beach said. 

By looking into all the different types of life science most students get to touch on what they want to learn about.

“I do like field bio because it’s a big mixture of different types of biology sciences,” Slutsky said.

Both Beach and Slutsky had the same favorite field trip.  It was the first one of the year when the students went to Mill Creek and caught crayfish and other macroinvertebrates.  The students caught the animals by using different skills that they had been learning such as using a big net or tiny nets.

Overall, Field Bio teaches students many things about nature and the life of living in nature.

“I have learned a lot about nature. Nature goes very deep and there is more than one layer,” said Beach.

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