Freshmen introduced to life at BVN


A freshman student listens to English teacher Todd Smith in ELA 9.

The class of 2022 began high school on orientation day Aug. 14 with a total of 378 students.

BVN News handed random freshmen a survey the first week of school that asked what their favorite subjects were in school. From those surveyed in the class, 36.7 percent said that math was their favorite subject while 21.4 percent chose science.

With a growing emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, freshman Anna Hamilton said that her favorite subject is science, and she’s most looking forward to experiencing new classes and clubs offered in this field.

While some students may already have clear career paths in mind, others are still trying to figure out their plans for what they will do after high school. Freshman Rahi Patel would like to go into the medical field but is not sure on which speciality.

“I’m only a freshman, I kind of just want to be a doctor, so I can help people,” Patel said.

Freshman Katlyn Harrison knows that she wants to become a registered nurse.

“I’ve wanted to become an RN since I started watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’” Harrison said.

High school is the opportunity for students to focus on possible careers and passions, but at the same time there is an entirely new environment to adjust to. With North Time, the freshman class has a responsibility to follow the rules, including throwing away their trash. Freshman Jordin Mackenzie is excited to have an hour set aside in the day to have a break from school.

“We will be aware of what we eat and how we clean up after ourselves,” Mackenzie said.

Many freshmen may choose to participate in sports as a way to get involved. Approximately 85 percent of those surveyed said they planned on participating in sports this year. Freshman Anna Hamilton enjoys running for the school and plans to swim. She is excited for cross country meets to begin.

“It’s really cool because high school sports are really demanding, but I run cross country because I actually enjoy it,” Hamilton said.

Freshman Caroline Clarke is looking forward to getting involved in theater. She learned about the fall play through her beginning acting class and cannot wait for it to begin.

“I play piano and enjoy singing,” Clarke said.

There are many ways to get involved in the school and explore a variety of hobbies. English teacher Todd Smith has been teaching freshman classes for many years and believes that freshmen should do their best to get involved.

“As soon as possible, we’d like them to feel as though they are contributing to the school, they are attached to the school, that the school is looking out for them, that they have a place here, that they’re welcome,” Smith said.

If a student doesn’t know how they can get involved in activities, they can talk to teachers and ask.

“They have a list of clubs on the school website,” Smith said. “Other than that, ask around and if it doesn’t sound like something is available then you make it.”