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Ins and Outs


TikTok’s featuring lists of ins and outs filled user’s pages towards the end of 2023. These lists featured things such as reading, neutral cheetah print and fun little beverages. Popular outs include red flags, doom scrolling and overthinking. Ranging from clothing preferences to personal health goals, a popular trend was to deem what is and what is not trending for the new year.

Junior Athan Tran decided that he wanted to pursue prioritizing his mental health this year. 

“I’m really prioritizing mental health because it’s so not represented. I think a good way to start the year is having a good mindset,” Tran said.

To accomplish this goal, Tran plans to implement new habits into his daily routine.

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“[I am going to] stay off social media, get enough sleep, drink water, eat enough food, spend time in nature,” Tran said.

Tran’s out for this year is the haters. Tran hopes that keeping up with limiting his social media will allow for less negativity in 2024.

Senior Sydney Glenn’s goal for 2024 was to spread more positivity.

“My biggest in is I’ve made it a goal for myself to compliment somebody every day,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that giving others compliments could help lessen the amount of negativity that she has noticed.

“I think it’s really important to compliment people because the world is so violent these days, especially with social media,” Glenn said. “A lot of people get brought down, so it’s really important to keep complimenting people so that they know they are loved by others.”

For the new year, Glenn wants people to be less divisive over arguments as she believes they lead to negative outcomes. 

“I would say my biggest out [is] I feel like everything is becoming so controversial. Not everything needs to be so serious,” Glenn said. “I feel like it just makes more people have worse relationships with others and negative thoughts by disagreeing and having everything be so controversial,” Glenn said.

Freshman Maira Parsons’ resolution for the year is to study more. To do this, she stopped spending as much time on her phone, which was her out for 2024.

“Getting off my screens right before I go to bed is definitely [an in] because I’m really big about sleep,” Parsons said. “I feel like scrolling on my phone right before I go to bed just makes it so much harder for me to fall asleep.”

Parsons said she wanted to limit her screen time because of the negative effects that come along with it.

“I already have screen time on my phone but [I want to] make it a little bit more restrictive. There’s a lot of negative effects that are associated with [screen time], like headaches and difficulty sleeping and just your mood in general,” Parsons said.

For her out, Parsons recommends that people up their water intake. Parsons said that drinking water should be a resolution because of its health benefits.

“It makes you feel better. Like if you’re sick of being tired and having headaches [or] no energy, water fixes all of that. If you’re just consistent with your water intake, you’ll see the positive effects you should have,” Parsons said.

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