Maintaining Positivity: On and Off the Field


Photo by Ella Thomas

Although the Blue Valley North Football team has been off to a 1-7 start, they still have maintained a positive outlook for the season and have kept their aspirations high. 


Blue Valley North Football is known for its football program, along with its coaching staff. Coach Trenton Hedlund highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the BVN football program.


“The strengths have come from the senior leadership even though we are off to a rough start. when you’ve got senior leadership, it keeps the guys on track,” Hedlund said. “We are very young, I would not say that’s a weakness though, it will be a strength in the future. We are growing as a whole every week.”


The coaching staff is trying to boost team morale while also bringing positivity. Coach Hedlund reflects on how he keeps his team positive after a loss. 


“We try to find the little things that they did well [because] nobody enjoys losing, but, pointing out the little things, the things that make good men,” Hedlund said. 


Senior and starting running back William Wallace talks about how he recuperates after weekly losses. 


“I recover by spending time with my friends and family. Taking losses is pretty hard but having people nearby for support is definitely a necessity,” Wallace said. 


Senior, Alec Bauer, starting wide receiver, on the other hand, recovers from a loss by pushing forward. 


“Honestly, the best way to recover after a loss is to put it behind you and just focus on the next week. It’s

important to look back on the previous week and the mistakes made in order to make sure you don’t make them the next week,” Bauer said. 


Kansas High School Football is different though, meaning that all teams are guaranteed a spot in the first round of playoffs. 


“There’s a major process to this all and the beautiful thing about Kansas football is that we all make playoffs, so if we continually get better by week nine, you never know,” Hedlund said. 


Senior Jaxon Goldberg, starting wide receiver, reflects on what lessons he has learned from the season so far.


“I have learned to be optimistic. That’s inevitable, but remaining optimistic throughout the ups and downs is definitely something I’ve taken from this football season,” Goldberg said.


Football connects to everyday life and Coach Hedlund believes that the sport can be influential to his young athletes. 


“Football is the perfect analogy to everyday life. Life is tough. You never know what’s going to happen to you,” Hedlund said. “So it teaches you to tackle things literally as they come to you.” 


With football season coming to an end, Alec Bauer passes on advice to the underclassmen. 


“Keep working hard and stick with it even when things get tough,” Bauer said.