Mustang Club Day

As BVN gets deeper into the school year, there are a few changes making its way to the classrooms. November 3rd was the first Mustang Club Day. This addition will periodically take the place of what is usually Advisory and Academic Support Time during the day. Club Day will give students an opportunity to interact with other students and teachers in the various clubs held at school. Principal Tyson Ostroski has been working with his team to organize the Mustang Club Day. The concept has been put in place at various other schools and has shown to be successful. 

“Our building leadership team wanted to address the fact that some students are just not connected to school beyond the classroom,” said Ostroski. “We want to build more connections between teachers and students so that school doesn’t have to be just about classes or grades all the time, every hour of the day. It can also just be about being part of a community and a home.”

The administration is not too sure how frequently club day will take place, but Dr. Ostriski points out that they want it to be a periodic thing. 

Kenneth Taylor is a sponsor for DECA at North. This program helps prepare young leaders in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. He shared his thoughts on the addition and what he hopes will come of it.

“I like Club Day a lot, and here’s why: I think we lost a lot of these sorts of things when we no longer had North Time, and we need that time built into the day where students can go do something fun to connect within the building,” said Taylor. 

In a poll taken from 177 students, 54% of people said they liked Club Day, while 46% said they didn’t. Many students think it’s unfair to require everyone to go to a club, as many use that time to visit teachers for extra help or to get their work done in school. 

Sophomore Siena Masilionis decided to check out the Significant Movies Club, which is hosted by Mr. Breedlove. 

“I feel like it shouldn’t be required, but I think a lot of people should get more involved in clubs. With having so many clubs available in one day it can make it hard for people who are in multiple clubs already. So maybe doing it twice a month would be good.” 

Mr. Taylor believes that this new addition should be required for all students even if they were not involved in one prior. Admin wants to grow more of a community within the school, even if it’s not school related.

“The reason that it needs to be required at first is because we want everyone to be involved somewhere. Just find something that sounds fun to you, and there are so many options and most of them are nonacademic,” said Taylor. “We actually had several students show up who had never been in DECA and they didn’t really even know what it was. So it was a chance for us to introduce it to them, which has been hard to do the past couple of years due to covid”

Whether it’s a goofy club or an academic organization, Dr. Ostroski said that “we just want kids to feel more involved in school.”