National Art Honor Society Induction


Members of the National Art Honor Society after the induction ceremony on January 13th. (Left to right, top to bottom)_ Adriana Cordero, Stacey Agamir, Gabby Geiger, Sam Fink, James Robey, Daniel McIntyre, Isaac Decker, Lauren Blood.

New members of the National Art Honor Society were inducted to BVN’s chapter on Jan.13th. The chapter sponsor, Alison Crane, has been supporting NAHS since she started working at BVN seven years ago.

“The National Art Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization that honors students that excel in the arts,” Crane said. “We have specific requirements to join, including academic and artistic and community service requirements.”

Part of NAHS is art based service projects, such as working in the BVN maker space and painting murals

Junior Gabby Geiger became a member of NAHS this year. Geiger says being a part of the art community at BVN is important to the dynamic of the society.

“There’s not a lot of kids that do art at this school so we’re all kind of a family,” Geiger said. “It kind of has created a safe space for me.”

The National Junior Art Honor Society is a way for middle schoolers at Leawood Middle to get involved with art before moving up to high school. NJAHS had their ceremony to induct members alongside NAHS.

“I think having both of them together just gives our middle school students a chance to connect,” Crane said. “It’s just a way for them to be involved right away in our art community when they get here.”

To get involved with the art community at BVN, visit room 518 for more information.