New Schedule Change System Introduced for Second Semester

The counseling department explains how to make schedule changes to second-semester schedules as a new timeline is introduced.


Photo by Ella Thomas

In the past, schedule changes would occur after finals and winter break but this year the counseling department developed a new system. In an attempt to reduce stress and work over winter break, all schedule changes will be made before students leave the building on Dec. 20. Levin said that most changes should be made by the time finals starts. 

At the start of the school year, the counseling department changed over 500 students’ schedules. 

“We print 500 schedule change request forms and we always have to print more,” Administrative Assistant Sarah King said. “I’m sure that there are some that get lost but by forms that we print it would be over 500.”

Counselor Amanda Levin does not predict as many changes for second-semester schedules but it will still be busy. 

“There are typically fewer changes second semester because kids have already changed their schedule but it could get close to 500 again,” Levin said.

If students want to change their schedule they can pick up a schedule change form as early as Dec. 5. The bright yellow forms are located in the student services office on King’s desk. The detailed form explains how to change classes in a way that maintains KSHSAA eligibility and allows students to graduate with the required amount of credits. Students are also asked by the counseling department to check the printed-out course matrix displayed at the front of student services to see what classes are offered during the hours they would like to switch. 

Once students have completed their forms they should return the physical paper to the student services office on Dec. 7, 8 or 9. 

The student services staff describes times of schedule changes as stressful but they have some tips. 

Counselor Amanda Levin said that there is no need to email counselors to change schedules. By filling out the form and turning it in at the correct time the counselors will make the change and it will be reflected on a student’s personal StudentVUE account. If there is a problem with the schedule change then the counselor will contact the student and schedule a meeting to resolve the issue.

Levin also reminds students that they cannot submit a schedule change to switch hours or teachers. 

Sarah King works at the front of student services and watches hundreds of students change their schedules. As a part of the counseling team and a Blue Valley parent, she also has recommendations.

“I think if students knew or had the forethought to look at a four-year-plan of what they want to take and plan it out that way instead of just walking in blind and saying ‘oh I think this class sounds fun’ or ‘oh I think this class sounds good’ then they would not have to switch so much,” King said. “That’s just my hindsight of being a parent and working up here [in student services]. Because you are not really thinking about that when you get the form. You are just thinking about it then and there.”

All final dates and deadlines and information is also posted in front of student services, in the North Notes or on the BVN students’ canvas dashboard.