North Time Returns for Fourth Quarter


Photo by Max Wolf

In the week of March 7th, Dr. Ostroski announced that Friday North Time will be coming back after spring break.  

“We are bringing Friday North Time back to the Fourth Quarter with the hopes it can be continued for the rest of the year,” Ostroski said. 

This school year, North Time was taken away due to growing amounts of trash on the floor and immature behaviors of some students, according to Ostroski. 

Starting in the 4th quarter, the administration is looking for the student body to use their time wisely. The expectations still remain the same for all students. Acting appropriately and not leaving a mess must be followed to preserve Friday North Time. 

We are looking for students to use this time to their benefit: eat lunch, hang with friends, catch up on some homework, and/or see a teacher,” Ostroski said. “We have the same expectations that we have always had with NorthTime: clean up after yourself, find a place to sit rather than running around, don’t hang out in bathrooms, and act in a school appropriate manner.”

Although North Time is back, there will be new rules that will be enforced. Any behaviors that the administration deems irresponsible, will receive detention, and will lose the privilege for an extended period of time. 

“We will have a detention area during North Time, ” Ostroksi said. “Students who are sent to that detention will lose their Friday North Time privilege for an extended amount of time.”

In addition, there will be more supervision throughout the school and North Time Detention area.  

“There will be more supervision in the hallways and around classrooms by staff members to monitor behavior. We will also have a consistent NorthTime detention area,” Ostroksi said. 

However According to Ostroski, most of the students have shown that they are capable of handling North Time.

“A vast majority of our student body uses this time effectively; we don’t want them to be punished because of the actions of others,” Ostroski said.