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Senior Summer


As the school year comes to a close, the Class of 2024 is graduating and their senior summer is quickly approaching. It is their last summer in their hometowns with the friends they grew up with and as high school students. 

Senior Josie Benskin, who will be attending KU in the fall, plans to major in Exercise Science. Benskin moves in early August, a little ahead of schedule because she plans on rushing. Overall, Benskin says she is really excited for college. 

“It will be good to make a bunch of new friends, new experiences and I’m excited to live alone with my roommate,” Benskin said. 

Benskin has many summer plans, that include traveling to Florida and Hawaii, but she is disappointed that it is her last summer at home. 

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“It’s just sad to think that it’s my last summer with my friend group and all of our friends together,” Benskin said. 

Benskin shared that in her free time this summer, she is going to spend as much time with her friends as she can.

“I worked a lot last summer so I’m trying to work less so I can be with my friends more,” Benskin said. 

Benskin also shared that she is going to try to spread out the college prep so she can make the most of summer.

“I’m already trying to shop for my dorm and stuff now, so I don’t just save it all for the summer,” Benskin said. 

When asked if senior summer was over-hyped or not, Benskin shared that she hopes it is not. 

“I hope it is my favorite summer yet,” Benskin said. “Most people do actually enjoy it the most because you are just trying to make the most of it. And it really is the last time you are gonna be with everyone.” 

However, not all seniors get to have a long summer full of lasts. Senior Janelle Green will be attending the University of Cincinnati and while she is currently undecided on her major, she would like to study Sports Medicine and will continue to play volleyball. Green moves in on June 1st, a little over one week after graduation. 

“Overall I am excited,” Green said. “Playing college volleyball is definitely something I have wanted to do my entire life. There’s definitely times where I get sad that I am leaving or anxious, but I also know that it’s what I have worked for or prepared for my entire life.” 

Green shares that one of her goals this summer is to spend time with the people she loves or has strong bonds with.

“One of the things my best friend and I have talked about is that because you’re sad that means that you have something so good  here that hurts to leave,” Green said.

Green will try and have some lasts before her quick summer ends, including a lake trip with her friends.

“The lake during the summer with my friends is a really special place for us,” Green said. “I kinda promised them before I leave that I am getting all of us up here.” 

For most seniors, a big part of their summer is college prep. Green shares how she is trying to not only prep in the academic area but also as an athlete. 

“For most people, the prepping for college is just the academics, but I am going for also athletes,” Green said. “It’s not just making sure that I have all the things I need for classes, but also making sure I am as physically and mentally prepared as possible to go play a collegiate sport.” 

As her senior year comes to a close, Green shares that she and her friends are remembering to live in the moment. 

“ And trying to not get too excited about the future or too sad about the future, but instead appreciating the moment and knowing that in fifty days I am never gonna be in high school again [is what I want].” 

Green says that her and best friends will be going to all different colleges, in completely different parts of the country. 

“We are all starting a new chapter of our lives, but making sure that we live this chapter to the fullest.” 

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