Swinging Into State


Carlie Kidwell and Olivia Still warmup for the tournament at the driving range. Photo provided by Olivia Still.

From the 17th to the 19th of October, the Blue Valley North Girls Golf team attended the Girls Golf State Championship in Emporia, Kansas, where Seniors Carlie Kidwell placed 18th and Olivia Still placed 19th over the two-day tournament with one practice day included. Though the weather conditions in the beginning weren’t ideal, the season ended exactly how they wanted it to. 


“The second day, Carlie and I both shot so much better and it was just a great way to end the season.. Hanging out with Mrs. Davis was also a lot of fun,” said Still. 


Before heading to State, the girls golf team did well at EKL. 


“As a team, we placed 3rd and individually, I placed 8th and Carlie placed 7th,” said Still.


Both Kidwell and Still did not score as well as they wanted to on the first day, “It was about an average of 100 [strokes] on the first day, because it was really windy,” said Kidwell. On the first day, Kidwell shot a 94 and Still shot a 97, but both agreed that the majority of the golfers at the tournament were not playing as well due to the muggy conditions.  


In golf terminology, the score that one attains is how many strokes or swings it takes for the player to get the ball in the hole. Meaning, on the first day, it took Kidwell 94 strokes on an 18-hole golf course and Still had 97 strokes. 


That being said, the second day was much more successful for the young female athletes. “The second day was a lot better, I shot an 83”, said Still. Both girls did much better the second day, Kidwell shot an 85. 


“The first day was definitely a let down, but the second day was a lot of fun,” said Still. 


Although this may be the end of competitive golf for Still, she still plans to play golf on the weekends with her father. Kidwell, on the other hand, plans to continue hers. 


“I’m trying to play in college somewhere… I usually play everyday, but sometimes not on Saturday,” said Kidwell. 

Carlie Kidwell and Olivia Still sit in their golf cart. Photo provided by Olivia Still.