There Needs To Be More Protection for Women on College Campuses



Standing outside the Phi Kappa Psi house at the University of Kansas, thousands of students rallied chanting, “ban Phi Psi” or “kick him out”, according to, in support of the young KU student, whose name has not been released to the public just yet, who was allegedly drugged and raped on the weekend of Sept. 14th.

The case took social media by storm, creating a petition to ban the fraternity from the KU campus, with a petition that received nearly 15,000 signatures. Considering this was an accusation of sexual assault this is the least the University of Kansas students can do. 

Sexual assault is real. In this day and age, sexual assault and rape are sadly extraordinarily common. Nearly 13 percent of all college students experience sexual assault, whether it may be violent or physical, yet only one-third of assault cases are reported, per

College campuses aren’t doing much either. Putting out “patrol officers” is nothing short of absolutely pitiful. According to IU News Room, one in four women have experienced sexual assault at college parties, so having a patrol officer out nonchalantly strolling around campus during the weekdays is just not going to prevent sexual violence whatsoever. They don’t know what happens behind closed doors. 

College campuses need to have a serious discussion with the Fraternity and Sorority Judicial Board to somehow take action and aim to involve law enforcement a little more during nightlife. The officer could possibly pick up a few MIP’s while they’re at it considering 43% of sexual assault cases are caused while the perpetrator is intoxicated, per  Luckily, the University of Kansas is enforcing sexual assault prevention training on all incoming freshmen.

Another case similar to the assault case at Phi Kappa Psi occurred a couple of months back, at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Where a 19-year-old student in the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was also accused of sexual assault and rape

Sexual assault is heavily overlooked. College campuses need to come together and assess these situations soon because if they don’t put their foot down soon or else these kinds of sexual assault rates will continue to increase. The real question is when college boards will begin to take these accusations seriously and take action on the cases.