The Official Student Media of Blue Valley North High School


The Official Student Media of Blue Valley North High School


The Official Student Media of Blue Valley North High School


Three of a Kind


 At BVN there are sets of siblings across all grades that do all different activities, which can have an impact on the everyday school environment.

Freshman Reese Maslowski has two older brothers, sophomore Brock Maslowski and senior Tyler Maslowski. Maslowski shares that going to school with her older brothers has been a good experience. 

“Coming into school I didn’t know a lot of people, because I came from another district, so knowing some people from them has been really good,” Maslowski said. 

Maslowski also shared that going to school with her brothers has made them closer, and she thinks they would have been if they were at different schools. 

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“[My] brothers take me to and from school, so I talk to them more while we are driving than I did in middle school,”  Maslowski said.

Sophomore Grady Pattin, goes to school with his senior sister Carly Pattin, and they were in the same Anatomy class. 

“It’s not bad. If you have a good relationship with them, I think it can be fun especially if they are going to college,” Pattin said.

Pattin shared what it is like having to ride every day with his sister’s school last year as a freshman.

“I drive now, so I don’t have to deal with that anymore, but I just had to listen to her music.” 

Pattin said one of his favorite parts about going to school with his sister is their hallway interactions.

“I’ll just see her in the haywalls and give her a weird look, which is funny,” Pattin said. 

Senior Mason Ain shared about his experience going to school with his sisters. 

“It’s always nice to have someone to talk to about teachers or homework, or drama,” Ain said. 

Ain also shared the downsides of being in the same grade and having a lot of the same. Sometimes experiences with teachers can be different too. 

“A lot of teachers that you haven’t had or anything knows you and your life story before you can even have them or tell them your version,”  Ain said. 

As a senior, Ain shares his advice for students coming into high school who will be going to school with their siblings.

“Become close with your siblings, and it will make high school a lot more fun,” Ain said. “I’m scared of what college is gonna be like because I don’t have my sisters.” 


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