Tossing Weight

All around the school, Blue Valley North is proud to showcase the records that students have broken over the years. This includes achievements located in the weights room.  A wall dedicated to students with records from lifting to the Mustang run. 


Senior Ty Farrington has made many appearances on the board including breaking the pull up record as a freshman. He still recalls that he was impressed when he broke it. 


“It was a big achievement, in my opinion, because I was a freshman. It shows everybody how hard you’re working, and I think it’s nice to have that appreciation, Farrington said. 


Farrington started lifting in the seventh grade, and has been taking weights class all throughout high school. 


“I’m in weights class, and I probably work out or I would lift weights three to four other times [during the week] because you only have [weights] three days a week. I alternate what I do so that I’ll have a leg day, arm day, and a core day, so that [when] one part of my body gets sore that I can work on something that’s not,” ferrington said. 


Adam Wang, who is also taking weights class, placed seventh in the freshman vertical jump. However, he wasn’t surprised by the result. 


“It wasn’t that surprising for me. I am supposed to be on some other leaderboards too, but they kind of ripped me off of the broad jump. I should be third but it’s fine, I’ll just get it next time,” Wang said. 


Both Farrington and Wang are in football and track and field, and believe that taking weights class has helped. 


“I can tell that I’m getting stronger, when we max out on our lifting I’ve been getting more weight on every time,” Adam said.


However this doesn’t come without a cost. Some disadvantages to lifting include sore and tight muscles after a workout without stretching. 


“If you lift a lot and then you don’t stretch, then your muscles and your joints can get really tight and that can hold you back in mobility and stuff like that. So whenever you lift, part of recovering is making sure that you stretch everything out,” Farrington said. 


According to Farrington and Wang, the best part about weights class is the experience to see your muscles grow and they believe that everyone should take the class. 


“I like how it’s not like PE where you just do random activities that do nothing. I also like that you’re getting stronger, you’re improving and you’re getting muscles. As long as you try you get the results that you want,” Adam said. 


 “I think it’s something that everybody should try,” Farrington said. “It’s amazing to see your progress over time, and how your body changes. You also feel a lot better when you do it.”

Adam Wang performing a power clean in weights alongside classmates. (Photo by Sejin Hahn)