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Seven Days


The Seven Days of Kindness walk is happening on April 9 during advisory. Seven Days is a program that advocates the spread of kindness. Senior Sydney Anderson has been involved with Seven Days since her junior year.  

“Seven Days is unique because it came from the shooting at the JCCC ten years ago,” Anderson said. “It’s been able to really grow and spread throughout the community as well as other cities across the country.”

Seven Days values youth development, community connections, discovery, interfaith dialogue, as well as health and wellness. According to, “89% said showing someone else an act of kindness made them feel either significantly, somewhat, or a little better, and 90% said receiving an act of kindness made them feel those ways.” 

“I started getting involved when one of my friends told me about it, and I thought it just seemed like a really great organization, and it seemed really impactful,” Anderson said.

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Seven Days has positively impacted Anderson because it has given her many opportunities, including the kindness walk. 

“I’ve been able to help organize the kindness walk at BVN and then also speak at different assemblies and talk with administration about the importance of Seven days,” Anderson said. 

Senior Eden Iseman is on her third year of being involved with Seven Days. Iseman thinks Seven Days is an important event at BVN because it reminds everyone to be kind. 

 “I think a lot of the time people forget to be kind and when everyone is talking about Seven Days, and all of the different values of Seven Days are a good reminder for people to be kind,” Iseman said.

The most recent planning for the Kindness Walk started two months ago. 

“We’ve been able to work a lot more with Seven Days and being able to apply for a grant, getting all of the necessary supplies and working with Mrs. Cornelius for advisory lessons,” Anderson said. 

Apart from the Kindness Walk, Seven Days has other programs such as the Kindness Breakfast that will be on April 10 at the Church of the Resurrection. Iseman has been on the breakfast committee every year of her involvement for Seven days. 

 “We plan it at the beginning of the school year, it’s monthly meetings that are just an hour or two, and not all of it is focused on planning it. Since there are so many people are on the team, it’s split up into tasks,” Iseman said.

According to Anderson, there are many opportunities to get involved within Seven Days, and you have to apply through the organization which can be found on their website. 

“Seven Days is such a great resource to be able to connect with people in your community and be able to grow in all aspects of life,” Anderson said. “It has a lot of great qualities you can develop from it, and it’s just a really great organization.”

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