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Songs of the Season


Every season, different music is released and students were asked what they listen to during the fall.


Seniors Audrey Branner and Annabel Finegold talked about what qualities Fall songs have.


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“It ranges. It can go from very chill and calming to songs that I’ll listen to maybe before a game,” Branner said.


With sports and school starting up in the fall, music may be more geared toward those activities for Branner. When people’s music tastes change throughout the seasons, certain songs may become more popular.


“I think ‘Heather’ by Conan Gray is very overplayed in the fall,” Finegold said.


On Spotify alone, “Heather” has over 1,000,000,000 listens. Although Finegold thinks this song has been overplayed, she said Conan Gray is one of her favorite artists. 


With the transition into Fall, the artists that Finegold and Branner listen to change as well.


“A while back Kim Petras made a Halloween album, and every year I kind of come back to that, so I associate that album with, ‘Oh my God, it must be Halloween,’” Branner said. 


Branner said she listens to Halloween music when she wants something that she associates with Fall, whereas Finegold’s music taste in the fall is less connected to Halloween than Branner’s.


“Hozier and Bon Iver [I associate with Fall],” Finegold said. “I feel like they’re [fall songs] more slowed down and they’re more warm.”


While Finegold and Branner have different tastes for fall music, they have similar influences.


“I would say artists I already know that I like [influence what music I listen to]. I usually find myself going to those albums and then if I see a lot of people on social media or friends being like, ‘Hey listen to this song’,” Branner said.


Like Branner, Finegold also looks to friends for new music.


“My friends [influence what I listen to]. I love when I get music recommendations,” Finegold said.

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