The Year Ahead


Graphic by Max Wolf

2021 was a year full of twists and turns. From online school, to restricted in-person classes to masks being optional; the year constantly required students to adapt to new circumstances. As 2022 kicks in, students have taken the time to set new year’s resolutions as well as reflect over the previous year. 


When asked, students had mixed feelings about the year. Sophomore Wesley Dubreuil thought the year went fast like any other year, but at the same time, was special. 


“2021 was definitely a special year, but like any other year, you think it’s going to last forever and then it just goes by super fast. It was a hard year and had a lot of challenges. I hated online school, but I’m glad we’re back in person,” Dubreuil said. “It was a lot of fun seeing my friends and meeting new friends. I really liked doing wrestling and football, and not just being cramped up in a house all day.”


Some students felt that they were not responsible with their time management and were “lagged” behind. Senior Mahen Kugammana used his time a lot less effectively last year. 


“There were many instances where I wasted time. I want to be more efficient with my time and stay more diligent and work hard,” Kugammana said. 


However, it would be wrong to say that 2021 only planted negative routines. Students were also able to make strong commitments to battle the year. Senior Car Azar decided to start heading to the gym. 


“Last year, I made a commitment to try and go to the gym as much as I can, and I was able to carry that throughout the whole year,” Azar said. “I went almost every day to a Lifetime Fitness, so I want to continue that because I’ve been healthier.”


Along with past routines, students also want to set new ones for 2022, even if they’re small.


“I know it sounds kind of silly, but I just need to start flossing,” Azar said. “I have not been flossing for years, so I really want to start because I always get yelled at when I go to the dentist.”


Seniors are also looking forward to taking a breather this year, since most are finishing their college applications. 


“I’m actually more glad I’m going to be able to stop doing things. I’ve had to do a lot of college apps this past semester, so I’m excited and looking forward to being done with them,” Kugammana said. 


For students like Dubreuil, 2021 was far from a “normal” year. However, 2021 did come to an end, and a new year has begun.

 “I think [last year] was one of probably the hardest years that we’ve ever been through,” Dubreuil said. “Since we’re through it, I think we can do anything now. If we made it through, and we’re all together, what else can we do?”