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BVN has a variety of classes to offer with course curriculums offering diverse electives that meet academic requirements. Classes can range from culinary arts to advanced mathematics courses, catering to a broad range of students’ interests. Varied classes can contribute to creating an inclusive environment where students can prepare for future careers while immersed in a dynamic educational environment.

 BVN seniors have had the opportunity to tour these curricula and build a schedule structured around their interests. Senior Amelia Law has a unique perspective on how classes will prepare her for the future.

 “Being accomplished in mathematics in your high school is going to aid a lot in your college life because a lot of majors require a college degree,” Law said. “I also feel like getting good at being able to get ahead and stay ahead and your last years of high school are very important.”

Students can also take academic classes at their own pace, choosing based on the natural advancement of a class. 

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“I love math,” Law said. “I took [calculus] because it was honestly [the] natural step after pre-calculus. They have two sets of curriculum and they kind of overlap.”

Senior Suditi Challa said her history class choice during her sophomore year was also influenced by the natural class progression.

“I took [AP World] because it was kind of the next progression in my social studies classes,” Challa said.“ I’ve always read a lot of biographies, I like reading about historical and political leaders and I thought that was relevant to the class so I thought it’d be interesting.” 

The curriculum taught within classes provides students with the opportunity to explore diverse aspects of personal development and growth. 

“I felt like I learned a lot about essays and writing in [AP World], which prepared me for the rest of high school,” Challa said. “It gave me a lot of historical knowledge. We did talk about types of government and law and other countries, so I thought it helped [high school preparations].” 

Whether categorized as an elective or core, classes can impact the students who take them. 

 “I’ve taken band all four years and it was very impactful since it kind of established a very staple-like routine over the entire course of my entire high school career,” Law said. 

For senior Cacia Hunnicutt, the debate class played a part in facilitating her growth as a student.
“[Debate] was just a really good boost for me to help me become the person that I have always wanted to be,” Hunnicutt said. “It gives me good speaking skills, and it’s my favorite because it’s very challenging.”

When choosing classes, students can consider what classes will aid them in fostering new understandings that will help them now and in the future. 

 “It made me more cultured,” Challa said. “I knew more about the world, but also just like the writing skills, the test-taking skills, and things like that.”


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