Coffee Now Available for Purchase in Student Store


It is popular for students to start their day with a refreshing iced, or warm, cup of coffee. Especially the students of BVN. That’s why the idea of a coffee shop right in the heat of student life came to a reality in the BVN school store. 


In addition to the spirit wear, the school store now provides hot and iced coffee starting September 13th. As well as coffee, there is a wide variety of syrups to choose from for flavor, and the choice of dairy or almond milk. 


“I think the demand for iced coffee especially for highschool kids has definitely grown in the last year or so, so I definitely think it will be successful,” the teacher and administrator of the school store, the Stampede, Mrs. Yonke said.”I’ve already heard from a lot of teachers and from students that they are excited about it so I think that it is going to be very successful”.


The school store is open from 7-7:35 am and 3:00-3:20 pm daily, 7:50-8:15 am on even days, all of the 5th hour periods on odd days. 


“I really enjoyed the coffee, and the flavors were a great addition to it all”, student Wyatt Beahr said.


The coffee starts at $2.00, and may get to $2.50 depending on what you may want to add to your coffee. Card and cash are both accepted at the register. Customers are also offered punch cards to use, and every time a coffee is bought, the staff will punch the card and once filled, the customer will receive a free drink. 


“As a teacher my goal for them is just to have experience in another type of business”, Yonke said, “like right now we are doing retailing and food and beverage and I hope this coffee bar is a learning experience for them”.