Abi’s Closet: Fall Fashion


Graphic by Emmett Abar

Ah! Fall. Not nearly as bad as winter, but still one of those seasons where you begin asking yourself, are bleached jeans too summery? That one season where we all seemingly enter a casual seasonal depression while we begin to pretend that we’re influencing others by wearing the most hideous color of all time, brown. Such a fashion faux pas. That color makes me want to vomit. If you’re going to wear any color within the same family as brown, just wear burnt orange or a light tan. They’re really the only acceptable colors in that family. Now, colors to veer towards; soft army green, creamy white, and the grays or blacks are always timeless. 

Let’s talk about fall fashion. Too cold to wear a crop top, but some sweaters are heinous. Oh, what a monstrosity! Seriously, the only person who can rock a cable knit sweater in fall is Chris Evans in “Knives Out”. If you’re looking for a going out outfit, go with what’s in. Cream or black pants/jeans, then pair that with an army green shirt. Black on black is also a fashion statement, but never fails to impress. 

Within school fashion, recently I have been living for the “oversized athletic look”, where students are pairing sweatpants with a comfortable oversized hooded sweatshirt from stores along the same lines of Urban Outfitters. Although sweatpants may not be my forte, because the crinkle in the knee and booty that begins to form after a long block period really does it for me, a lot of students can really rock them!

Pants have been controversial recently. Bell bottoms are back and I’m not upset about it. If they’re the right size, they can really make a statement. Keep it real, if you got it, flaunt it. Mom jeans too. At first, I really thought that this trend should stay in the 80’s, but they’re honestly super comfortable and fashionable for a casual night out on the town with your friends. Though you will not catch me wearing jeans at school due to the fact that I tend to roll out of bed 20 minutes before school starts, kudos to the people who do, lots of respect and admiration towards you all. 

Another major no no, I was scrolling through my instagram feed, I saw an influencer wearing jeggings. Wear jeans or leggings, not both. Even though. This brings back major deja vu to first grade Justice. There’s a reason why that store is no longer in Town Center. Leave jeggings where they belong, in the trash or in 2009.

During this season of festivities, definitely look for the trendy colors while shopping, tans, blacks, creams, greens and grays. But at the end of the day, wear what you want and what makes you feel confident!