Abi’s Closet: Finding The Perfect Sweetheart Outfit


Locating and Styling the Perfect Sweetheart Outfit 


Finding the perfect Sweetheart dress is like finding a needle in a haystack. Slim pickings, my friends. Per usual, this Sweetheart season girls tend to wear the colors that reflect Valentine’s Day, those colors being the various shades of pink, red, and black. Blah, Valentine’s Day! But that’s a story for another time. Now, you may be asking, why should I gravitate towards these colors? Actually, the answer is quite simplistic. The Sweetheart dance is all about love and heart eyes or whatever, so the colors that showcase that theme would be the ones listed above.


Follow these suggestions below on your quest for the perfect dress!


Step One: Find Your Store


Every single time you ask someone where they bought their dress, it’s always a store with store credit. Absolutely not. Store credit is not the way to go about sweetheart dress shopping. The store that I will recommend over and over again will forever be Revolve. Why Revolve? Free returns and two day shipping ladies! The designers that I recommend are For Love and Lemons, Amanda Uprichard, Majorelle and Superdown. You can order as many dresses as you please, try them on and ship them right back to Revolve with a full refund for absolutely no debt! Do Sweetheart right this season, and do not end up with tons of store credit.


Step Two: Pick A Color


For Sweetheart; the pinks, reds, blacks, burgundies and purples always stand the test of time. Sadly, I think no white after Labor Day, but it could work. Blues are always beautiful, but not for this occasion; Oranges and yellows are too bright; Greens are too earthy. Save those colors for Homecoming or Prom. Even though these color choices could be controversial, its my personal opinion, and no matter what you wear, you will kill it!


Always filter whatever website you’re checking out to the exact color of your preference, so that you’re not rummaging through thousands of dresses that are different shades of ROYGBIV for hours on end.


Step Three: Find Your Favorite Fit


Recently, the tight ruched look has been coming back, and I am not upset about it. Girls that can pull that off are absolutely making high school dances their personal sidekick. It’s a blessing that this style is up and coming. Goodbye embellished corset tops, and hello ruching. I have done the whole tight dress thing, and it was not really my cup of tea, but kudos to the ladies who can pull that off. I will always recommend something that is a little more fitted at the top, and looser at the bottom. Wear what you want, but be confident! 


Step Four: Find Your Shoes


Never mix and match shoes and a dress. The only fashion icon who can do that is either Jennifer Garner in “13 Going on 30,” or Kendall Jenner, and there is no in between. Let the dress do the show stopping and have the shoes showcase your legs. Sparkles always work with a solid colored dress but never with a pattern. Remember, you can never go wrong with black. Also, make sure that the clasp on your shoes matches the zipper or attachments on the dress, so that you aren’t clashing golds, silvers and blacks with one another.


Step Five: Jewelry


Once again, let the dress speak louder then anything else you wear. Dainty jewelry will consistently give the best impression and results. Keep it simple, but revolve your jewelry around the clasps of your dress and shoes. If the clasps of your dress and shoes are black or silver, go for silver jewelry, and the same goes for gold.


School dances help us showcase or explore our dress preferences and show whatever you wear who’s boss! These are suggestions and my personal preference. Make Sweetheart your own this year, but always stay true to your style.