Abi’s Closet: Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion


Photo by Ella Thomas

Transitioning from summer to fall fashion can be nothing short of difficult. Neons are rambunctious for this seasonal change, while the burgundies, blacks,

and oranges are too fall. It saddens me that I will have to part with my favorite color during this time, but remember, pastels are your best friend during this seasonal transition. If you want to wear pink, tone it down and take a trip to the pastel side. Once you go pastel, you may never go back. 


Follow these tips and tricks to maintain your style during this awkward transitioning period. 


Step 1 : Find Your Color Palette.


Ditch the neons. The only way that neons are acceptable during a different season besides summer would be if they were somehow incorporated into a sweater. Stick to the pastels and basics/nudes. Although these colors can be a little tough to style, almost always, they can be paired with a gray or beige. Beige is the new black for this adjustment.  


Adding to that statement, blacks are not back yet. Black is winter and fall’s sidekick. Stick to the colors while you can. Let’s not invite black jeans in quite yet. 


Step Number 2: Styling Pants: Jeans in Specific.


Jeans are difficult. During this fashion faux pas, never wear white once Labor Day passes. White jeans are summer’s best friend, let’s keep it that way. Although jeans do not compliment my body on a consistent basis, I envy the people who can rock a pair of jeans like there’s no tomorrow. Ditch the whites, and add some color to your wardrobe. Colored jeans came into the spotlight this time last year, so let’s do it again! Pair some colored jeans with a chic top, and call it a day! 


Along with Jeans, loose-fitted parachute pants, along with leather pants have been snagging my eye. Leather pants compliment a body in ways that jeans could never. Leather pants are your best friend. Keep an eye out for snazzy pants, because they can sculpt the body and bring out a confidence you never knew existed. 


Step Number 3: Styling Tops.


Abi’s 3 B’s for this time change: Basics, bodysuits, and bows. Bows are coming back. Bows on tops are so flattering and can spice up a basic outfit. Simple bodysuits can be life changing as well. I am not one to rewear going out outfits, but recently, I have been styling my Good American bodysuit with almost everything in my closet. Basics. Keep it simple. Add a cute little tee that you can tuck, with maybe a ruffle or two since ruffles are back and better than ever. Add the tee with a cute pair of pants, and you have got yourself an outfit! 


Step Number 4: Shoes.


Statement sneakers can always turn a simple outfit into an iconic look. Sneakers can add a pop of color to a sad, colorless outfit. If you’re not one with the basic colors, add some spice by adding a sneaker. For some reason, having good “shoe game” adds to your fashion expertise. Fashion trends come and go, sneakers, on the other hand, do not. 


All in all, follow your inner style. These are all my personal opinions and hope that you all stay snazzy this season!