Abi’s Closet: Spring Fashion


Graphic by Ella Thomas.

Welcoming spring fashion can sometimes be difficult, since it’s during that awkward transition period between winter and summer. If you find yourself asking, “is this too summery,” it probably is. But if spring style is executed just right, it can be nothing short of iconic. Goodbye seasonal depression and dark heinous colors, and hello bright and spunky spring colors. Let’s embrace our inner Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30. This season should be color filled  and depression deprived. Follow these steps to stay in style this spring season.


Step 1: White jean shorts? Probably not. 


When styling denim during spring, veer towards blue instead of white. If you’re wanting to go with white, stick with the pants. White shorts are summer’s best friend – let’s keep it this way. Recently, the blue denim jean shorts with the fringe have been catching my eye. They’re a little longer than the regular, “would my Dad let me out of the house in these?,” shorts, which is totally acceptable and innocent for a night out on the town. 


Step 2: Bright colors? Heck yes. 


Spring is known for the fun, bright and neon colors. Flowers are blooming, while your bank account is saying a prayer. The most iconic color match in my opinion would be pink and green. That’s what I will be rocking with this season. Think flowers. We don’t see black flowers, we see colorful flowers. Let your fashion decisions be based on flowers, basically. 


Step 3: Shoes. 


It’s way too early for sandals– keep those things in your closet. Spring is for unique sneakers. Coming from a sneaker guru, pair white jeans with a solid colored bright top, and let your sneakers do the talking. All outfits need one focal point and it’s usually the shoes or the top. During spring at least, stick to sneakers. 


Step 4: Jewelry. 


Golds and silvers are classics. But recently, neon jewelry has been taking a step into the spotlight. If you’re really trying to be bold this season, bring out the neons like there’s no tomorrow! If flowers had a fashion sense, they would definitely wear neon jewelry. Neon and colored plastic and chunky jewelry could be incorporated in your outfit during both spring and summer. 


Step 5: Sunglasses and hats.


Spring is the bridge to consistent sunglass wearing, and my collection has been calling my name.This season, bring back the sunnies and block out the haters who think that sunglasses or glasses are not essential to a spirited spring outfit. If you are wanting that Kim Kardashian vibe, pair the sunnies with a hat. Strut your stuff like a celebrity, even though you’re not. 


Keep spring spunky this season. Cancel the neutrals and invite the neons back. This is all my personal opinion – wear anything that makes you feel confident and beautiful.