Abi’s Cyber Monday Tips


Graphic by Max Wolf

Let’s talk about Cyber Monday, my preferred shopping method this season. As I was viciously Black Friday shopping, I realized that I was right all along; Black Friday is absolutely horrible and completely overhyped. Let’s be honest, we would all rather lay in bed and shop rather than fight with a middle-aged woman in a COVID-infested store over a stupid crop top that really isn’t that stylish. Been there, done that. Stay safe this season, we do not need anyone dying over a crop top. 


Tip 1: Start where you were too incompetent to attend.


Start Cyber Monday shopping at the stores where you were too lazy to stand in line. My lazy store this year was Lululemon. This Friday, I was planning on strutting my stuff down to Lulu but then realized I would have to wait for at least an hour and would probably end up buying clothes I’d never wear. The runts of the litter, not worth it whatsoever. 


Tip 2: Do not limit your options.


Don’t outlaw the stores that you’ve already bought clothes at on Black Friday. There’s a reason why you bought clothes at those stores. In the end, you will be upset if you didn’t take a small peek at the website. After all, Cyber Monday is a holiday for a reason, treat it like one! 


Tip 3: Do not get your heart set on one store in particular. 


Do not find yourself getting completely set on one store. Looking for websites on Cyber Monday is like trying to find a good boyfriend, there are always more fish in the sea, so scavenge friends! You only Cyber Monday shop once a year, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. 


Tip 4: Wake up! 


Starting early will ensure that your size doesn’t run out like it did on Black Friday. The most traumatizing experience is when you fall in love with a clothing item and the store doesn’t have your size. We don’t need another fashion faux pas within the span of four days. Always filter the store/website to your size so you don’t find yourself distraught over clothing. Starting early can also allow you to go online ahead of time and favorite or like clothing items but buy them the next day. Cyber Monday shopping may only seem like a twenty-four-hour ordeal, but it’s really much longer and deeper than that. 


Tip 5: Be reasonable


15% off is not a good deal in comparison to what you can get elsewhere. Cyber Monday shop as if your mother was sitting right next to you. While shopping on Cyber Monday, always look at the sale tab on the website. 


Tip 6: Use your time wisely


Give yourself time. Decent Cyber Monday shopping takes time, and that’s okay. All good things take time, your wardrobe will thank you later. If you do not take time while impulse shopping, then you will miss out on all of the clothing and accessories that your closet craves. 


This Cyber Monday will make up for the horrible Black Friday shopping experiences that I know we all endured. Don’t go into Cyber Monday blind, know exactly what you want because if you don’t, you’ll end up being a duck within a flock of geese, do it right.