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Spotify Courtroom


Original Playlist:  “The Big Three”

Grade: 85/100

Genres Included: Rock, Pop Rock

Playlist Length: 1 hour 5 minutes

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Received From: Evie Freed, junior


At first, I was surprised to see that this playlist only contained three artists. From personal experience, playlists are often a never-ending list of singers, all morphing to bring together a single playlist. Despite first having doubts, this playlist takes the best handful of songs by some of the most talented groups of the late 20th century to create a very special listening session. From high-energy choruses to multilayered instrumentals, the songs on this playlist not only make you want to rock out, but to live in the time this music was at its peak.  


This playlist begins with a splash. “Runnin’ Down A Dream” by Tom Petty is a strong start for a playlist that sits on the shoulders of only three artists. This song brings a strong sense of nostalgia for anyone whose dad played it tirelessly on the car radio growing up. While I like the inclusion of Petty on this playlist, I find it surprising that his biggest hit “Free Fallin” isn’t included. The inclusion of this song would really push me to give this playlist a higher score. 


Following Petty is a straight line of seven of Fleetwood Mac’s best songs. I often like to joke that Fleetwood Mac has no bad songs, and this playlist only furthers that notion. Opening with “The Chain” and closing with “Gypsy” is a near-perfect encapsulation of Fleetwood Mac. This section would be even stronger with the inclusion of songs such as “Landslide” and “Dreams,” two of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular songs, and two personal favorites. 


Closing out this “big three” playlist is a selection of five songs from the group No Doubt. Going into this playlist I was completely unaware of them, which is understandable considering they’re an island away from the two other groups included in this list. The first song from this section, “Move On,” was a stark surprise following the slow croons of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Once again, I think the selection could have used the inclusion of “Don’t Speak”, a top ten hit and another song most wouldn’t want to miss. While fairly different from other songs on the playlist, it’s easy to see why they’d be included in a best-hits set. The fun instrumentals leave you wanting to jump around and are a great closer to the playlist. 

Overall, this playlist is a great flashback to groups that were all widely popular in the late 20th century and highlights why so many were listening. Conversely, I think even more “best hits” could have been included.  Skipping out on various best hits from these three artists is the only possible drawback of a great conclusive playlist.

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